To start, we need to log in to the Discord app, We can either can use the Discord app or just open Discord on the web. The steps to start using the mijourney bot:

1. We visit the website of midjourney ->


2. We click the option on the bottom right -> Sign In

midjourney signin (1)

3. We put our credentials for the discord, on the panel that shows up.


4. We log in into our discord and we go into our direct messages to find the midjourney bot and we choose it to go into our conversation.


5. On the message box we can start using promts to start generate images.


How we are promting to the Midjourney bot.

1. We always start the message with -> /imagine


2. After we start putting the keywords we want to generate the image with comma separated. An example would be -> /imagine dog, eating a hotdog, sunny day, lake and after we press enter.


3. We are waiting for the ai bot to generate the image for us.


What are the options below the image results?

the grid and buttons

Some tips for prompting for the begginers from Midjourney Support.

01 action think of a subject
02 write a sentence
03 revised prompt

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