If you’ve ever delved into using MidJourney for crafting branded content, you’ve likely experienced the joy of seeing your creations come to life. However, you might have hit an unexpected snag along the way. Despite its prowess as an AI-based art generator fueled by interactive machine learning, MidJourney falls short when it comes to recognizing RGB/HEX color codes.

This setback can be frustrating, leaving you scratching your head for weeks. Here’s how to incorporate specific colors into your MidJourney creations:

Step 1: Source an image with your desired color palette. Whether it’s a photograph showcasing hues you admire or a corporate color scheme from your brand colors.

Step 2: Identify the precise names of your colors. Utilize an online color identifier tool such as https://imagecolorpicker.com/ . Upload your chosen image and use the color picker tool to select the colors you wish to incorporate into your MidJourney creations. This tool not only reveals the names of your chosen colors but also suggests complementary hues that might enhance your design.

Step 3: Document the color names for reference. Take note of the names corresponding to your selected colors. 

Step 4: Integrate the color names into your MidJourney prompts and let your creativity run wild. Armed with this newfound knowledge, you can now infuse your creations with the exact colors you desire. Below are some examples to spark your imagination.

In conclusion, while MidJourney’s inability to recognize RGB/HEX color codes may initially seem like a roadblock, it’s merely a detour on the path to unleashing your creativity. By leveraging external resources and adopting a strategic approach, you can overcome this obstacle and breathe life into your MidJourney creations with precision and flair. So, armed with your newfound knowledge, go forth and let your imagination soar!

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