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Below is a set of frequently asked questions regarding our process, our tools and our methodology. If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.


We need the text/copy for the website, your logo files (original, vector files such as photoshop or illustrator) and any links to sites you like the look of, to be used as references. 

No but we can guide you through the best options for your project including where,how to purchase. We then can install and configure as part of the project.

We recommend using GoDaddy, Bluehost and Siteground

We look at your content, your competitors and the industry in general. We then build up the first version and send you the link. From that point onwards we begin an iterative feedback based process until everyone is happy with the end result. Our process usually includes 4 iteration rounds. 

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No but we can guide you through the best options for your project including where, how to purchase. We then can install and configure as part of the project.

Yes. We see themes as a means of saving time and money for our clients as we don’t have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to producing complex integrations and sophisticated page structures. The premium themes we use come packed with tech integration – our designs are all custom.

No we don’t hardcode elements onto the site. We work with the best of premium themes, on which customization and styling is possible but not of all aspects. There are certain elements that are controlled by WordPress or the theme that we can not change. We don’t custom code functions or plugins as this would require ongoing maintenance.

On our projects we offer 4 major revisions (feedback cycles). This is to create some structure to the project. Of course if there are some minor changes and cosmetic revisions or text/image replacement change requests we don’t consider as feedback revisions. We try to be as flexible as we can. Learn More Here
We work on a two phase approach. The first phase focuses on the looknfeel and the second on content of the site. At the end of the first phase we submit our first milestone (50%), which acts as a green light for us to go ahead with the remaining of the project. Second milestone is sent on delivery.
No. A zoom call can be requested on any step but is not necessary. We provide status updates on each step and in most cases it’s better to have your response in writing so as to be able to cross-reference any changes.

Yes if you have one already. However since a design needs to take into consideration a number of things, including UI/UX standards, SEO, speed optimization, mobile responsiveness and generally speaking needs to have tell a story, we recommend leaving that part to the professional designers.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers offer various services and skills to clients looking for specific tasks to be completed. Fiverr connects buyers (clients) with sellers (freelancers). Sellers create listings for services they offer, and buyers can browse these listings and hire the freelancer that best fits their needs.

Fiverr supports various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Payments are processed through the platform, and funds are held in escrow until the order is completed and approved.

Escrow on Fiverr.com is like a safe middleman for your money in a transaction. When you hire a freelancer or purchase a service, Fiverr holds your payment until the work is delivered or the project is completed. This ensures that both parties are protected. Once you’re satisfied with the results, Fiverr releases the funds to the freelancer, making it a secure way to pay for services online.

Fiverr uses secure payment processing.

Yes, you can request custom offers. Once we know a bit more about your requirements, we can get back to you with a quote.

Our projects are normally split in milestones. In Fiverr.com, a milestone is a key step or portion of a project that both the buyer and seller agree upon. It helps break down a larger job into manageable parts. Payment for each milestone is held in escrow until that specific part of the project is completed to the buyer’s satisfaction. Milestones provide transparency, allowing clients to see progress and freelancers to get paid as they reach specific project goals.

The first milestone covers the main homepage and looknfeel of the site. Once that is agreed and the milestone is cleared we proceed to the second milestone that covers all remaining pages (built based on the looknfeel of the first milestone). When everything is complete we submit the second milestone for acceptance and we migrate the site to your hosting account.

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A project is split up in steps. At each step we tell you what was done and we request for feedback – i.e. changes, adjustments, additions/deletions and any other modification is necessary. These changes make up a revision. It is important we receive revisions and feedback complete and full, as the scope and cost of the project is based on the agreed number of revisions.

If a feedback is received partial then a revision is essentially wasted and not taken fully advantage of, reducing as such the number of chances we have to adjust/modify the website before completion.

An iteration represents work completed  based on the submitted feedback. Our process are normally set up for 4 iterations. That means that after the website is built, there are still 4 times where you have the opportunity to change anything. 

Fiverr uses a timer that signifies a project is active on Fiverr. Its a a means for clients and freelancers to keep on track with the project. If for any reason this timer expires, e.g. client needs more time to review our work, we simply have to reset it, which is the timer extension request.

You can click here and this will take you directly to our profile there. You can send us a message and then we can start the process.


We need the following: 1. Link to host provider (and domain provider if different) 2. Logins to hosting (and domain providers). If GoDaddy or Siteground, we would need Full Delegate Access to team@coreconcepts.design. 3. Confirmation of the domain we are migrating to. 4. Login to the current live WordPress site if one exists.

Yes for some of our clients we provide a tech support and maintenance service that covers minor changes and issue resolution. The cost is normally at $50per month or $35per month if billed annually. 

Otherwise we can  do changes at an ad hoc basis. 

For any other plan, just let us know and we can come up with a service that suits you. 

Yes, you can make any changes on your website’s content (texts-images). We strongly recommend that you avoid any major changes on the layout that may cause issues.

However, if you are confident with WordPress, you can watch some tutorials and make your changes.

A great source of Elementor tutorials are here

This is also a good starting course for WordPress with Elementor