WordPress & Email: Tips, Plugins, Tools and Fixes

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Getting your WordPress website to send emails reliably can be a pain for many. Strict server rules combined with the plethora of options & platforms can turn this into a complicated matter. In this article, we provide a set of pointers that should be checked not only where issues exist but also to ensure a solid email configuration. The sections are ordered according to their complexity.
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How to add a single color or gradient overlay to any WordPress section

Creating a visually stunning landing page, or website is getting more an more difficult due to the ever increasing competition. Giving your users that ‘wow’ experience upon landing is very important – if you want your users to stay on the site and find out more information about you, your services, your products. One way to achieve this is with the use of color overlays on top of white or image backgrounds. Below we provide CSS code that has been tested and used in numerous WordPress sites.
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